SuperMondays: SuperFreelancers


Last night was SuperMondays: SuperFreelancers, held at the Culture Lab in Newcastle. There’s a clue in the name, but it was all about Freelancers. Here’s how the evening shaped up:

Alex Kavanagh (@ajkavanagh) hosted the evening and took questions from the audience after each speaker.

So, onto the presentations.

Paul Easton – Freelance PR

Paul was a last minute addition to the evening — he only wanted to advertise some desk space at his office, but got talked into giving a quick presentation on PR. His main message was that freelancers are in a great position to sell themselves direct to journalists and shouldn’t be afraid to sell themselves.

By the way, anyone who does need some desk space in Hoult’s Yard, Newcastle, speak to Paul about it.

Laura Maddison – Freelance CV

Laura gave a good talk on something that is often overlooked by a lot of people — the CV. As a recruiter, she sees a lot of these (both good and bad), so it’s fair to say she knows what she’s on about here. A point that came up during questions: photos on CVs are bad, mm’kay?

Robert Lavender – Freelance Toolkit

Robert’s talk was all about the tools to keep things running smoothly; namely invoicing with BambooInvoice, project management with CollabTive (touted as “BaseCamp for free”), and hosting your version control with Project Locker. I’d not heard of CollabTive before, but I can see it coming in handy at some point.

Lee Simpson – Passive Income for Freelancers

Last up was Lee with his talk on Passive Income. As freelancing doesn’t always involve a steady income, these were Lee’s tips on how to bring in extra cash with the skills already available. He broke that down into three main areas to exploit and gave a few examples of each.

  1. Sell something: sell things like code snippets or WordPress themes to places like ThemeForest and Six Revisions.
  2. Write something: write blog posts and tutorials and sell them to people like Envato and Smashing Magazine.
  3. Build something: get a side project that people will use, like The Freelance Feed.

Overall, another great evening from SuperMondays and some good tips from the speakers. Afterwards, I bumped into Anthony Sterling (@AnthonySterling). We’d only spoken through Twitter before, so we had a few pints in the Trent House down the road. Ace bloke, good banter, good beer. I like nights like that.

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  2. Glad you enjoyed it mate and thanks for coming along.

    Just watched the video back and I think I might have spoken a bit too quickly. Something for next time I reckon.

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