Those of you who know me in real life will probably know that my Nan died last week, passing away quietly in her sleep.

Born Joan Frances Farley in 1923, she went on to be a nurse and saw loads of action in the war, stationed in India. She hated curry to her dying day. Eventually, she married Joseph McCartney and the legend of Joan McCartney was born. Together, they were two of the most amazing people I’ll ever know. I feel beyond lucky to have known them and had them as Grandparents. They gave my mother the best upbringing they could manage and she passed all of that on to me.

Mac Family, 1991

Mac Family

Photo by by Terry O’Neill:
Top L-R: Me (I know, I know), Reg Keenan, Sir, Joe McCartney (Grandad), Bert Danher, Mike McCartney.
Bottom L-R: Lynn Danher, Jean Keenan, Cath Keenan, Joan McCartney (Nan), Mary McCartney.

Whilst in Liverpool for her funeral, my girlfriend, Li, thought she’d give my mother some good news and mentioned that we’d been thinking of getting married. Ten minutes later, my mother called me upstairs and told me my Nan really liked Li and hoped we’d get married, so in light of the recent news, it made sense for us to have something of my Nan’s: a ring.

We were driving home to Teesside that day, so I suggested that we drive via the Lake District and have lunch in Keswick (where my parents had their honeymoon all those years ago). We had a nice lunch but the weather was against us. As we couldn’t walk anywhere nice, I had to whip the ring out in the car. I asked Li if she’d marry me. She said Yes.

She Said Yes

We are happy. :)

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve been happily married for almost 4 years now. Not too long, but I believe I heard that many marriages in North American end in divorce by the second year. Yay for bucking trends!

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